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Shady Nook Rental Fees 2023

Depending on length of function and time of day, prices may vary and change without notice.

  • Rentals must be paid in full one week prior to the event date
  • Deposits: $100.00 for Hall
  • Bar closes at 1:00 am
Hall Rental Fee

Sunday – Thursday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm or 4:00 pm -1:00 am
$250.00+HST(32.50) = $282.50

Friday/Saturday Evening
(Party’s, Stag & Doe)
$425.00+HST(55.25) = $480.25

Daytime Hall Rentals

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Up to 4 hours
= $226.00

More than 4 hrs (Ex: Showers, Meetings)
$250.00+HST (32.50)
= $282.50

Elementary Grad Dances
$150.00 +HST($19.50)
= $169.50

Craft Show day rental
$325.00 + HST $42.25
= $367.25

Family Reunions

All Day (allows for full use of the facility)
$400.00 +HST (52.00)
= $452.00

Special Groups

 Church Services, Not for Profit Events, Fundraisers
= $169.50

Church Picnics
$200.00 +HST(26.00)
= $226.00

Additional Fees Decorating

(over 3 hours max)

$15.00 + HST

Ice rental

(outside only)

$75,00/hour +HST ($9.75)
= $84.75

Evening (with lights)
$200.00/hour +HST ($26.00)
= $226.00


Responsibility of the Renter/Individual in Charge

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  • Decorations are permitted on walls, but only PAINTER’S TAPE is permitted for use.
    Scotch Tape, Duct Tape, Tacks, etc are not permitted. All existing decorations must remain in place.
  • Nothing can be hung from the existing decorations or lights, Nor can they be taken down.
  • Shady Nook Recreation Association does not provide or rent tablecloths. It is the responsibility of the Renter to provide tablecloths and decorations for their event.
  • No sparkles, confetti or rice is permitted.
  • All property belonging to the group or persons using the Shady Nook Recreation Centre must be removed immediately following the function.
  • All chairs and tables must be returned to original positions. Pictures of the hall are available at the bar. You have to leave a 4’ area surrounding any exit doors to allow exit of building in case of emergency.
  • Utensils, serving trays, etc are not supplied. It is up to the Renter to provide them with the function.
  • If the kitchen area is used, it is your responsibility to leave it clean and tidy. (Urns, microwave, stoves, all counter tops, sink, sweep, clean any spills on the floor and in the fridge, anything used from the kitchen is put away and take any garbage out to the red dumpster (get key from the bartender))
  • The use of the coffee or teapots are included in the rental of the Hall and must be cleaned at the end of the event.
  • Any garbage in the hall must be picked up or swept and any large spills must be cleaned up.
  • Any unauthorized alcohol (i.e. wine for a dinner) is NOT permitted. The wine for tables must be purchased through our bar.
  • Our Liquor Permit does not cover alcohol products outside of the building. If the staff find liquor on the premises, the staff of facility has the right to close the function down immediately. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the notification of the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.).
  • The raffling of Alcoholic Products (bottles) is not permitted.
  • Under Provincial and Municipal Regulations, this is a Smoke-free facility, however, smoking is permitted outside of the building in the designated area.
  • All events where alcohol is being served requires that a light lunch is served as well (Eg. Sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, and desserts etc.) Chips or pretzels only are no